3 Issues That Can Leave Your Troutdale Home Vulnerable To Infestation

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Friday, December 15, 2017


Particularly in winter months, making your house invulnerable to pests is critical. When small structural issues present themselves, your likelihood of potential infestation increases. Look for these three red flag issues this winter that could lead to pest control issues:

Missing or otherwise damaged soffit vent screens.

Make sure these vents are sealed with the proper screens and there are no gaps or weak points. Rodents can easily exploit a damaged vent screen, so protect your home by ensuring all your screens are fixed with galvanized quarter-inch hardware cloth.

Firewood, mulch, compost or garbage stored against the house.

There is no better way to invite pests into your home than by supplying them with the perfect hiding place. Keep these items stores several feet from your home’s exterior to dissuade pests from setting up an invasion headquarters.

Disconnected downspouts.

When water gathers around foundations and structures it becomes an issue for more than the issue of pests control. Standing water can cause irreparable damage to your home, and that damage can invite pests, so ensure a tight seal between your gutters and downspout and point those downspouts well away from your home’s foundation.

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