3 Roach Infestation Warning Signs You Can’t Ignore

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As the weather warms and the last vestiges of a mild winter vacate the Willamette Valley, it becomes time once again to become vigilant against many pests — namely, roaches. Roaches thrive in warm, humid weather, so preparing your home to avoid infestations should be a regular part of your spring cleaning. While shaking the residue of winter from your interiors, keep an eye out for these roach infestation warning signs.

Egg Cases

Oothecae (hardened egg cases) contain copious amounts of eggs. These egg cases start off dark brown but blacken quickly and are approx 8 mm by 5 mm. Look for these telltale signs of infestation in secluded areas around your home, like behind your furniture or inside your pantry.

Nymphal Skins

Roach bodies have a hard exoskeleton that must be shed in order for a roach to be able to grow. Cockroach nymphs shed their old skins in protected locations, so look for these in the same areas you may find egg cases.


Roaches do not discriminate when it comes to evacuating their bowels, and this can sometimes produce a musty odor. Roach feces looks very similar to finely ground coffee, and, when found in conjunction with these other red flags, is a sure sign of an infestation

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