3 Simple Ways You Can Prevent Pest Infestations

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Monday, November 27, 2017

Wildwoods Pest Control_3 Simple Ways You Can Prevent Pest Infestations

Most pest infestations are entirely preventable, but it takes more than a clean kitchen and airtight pantry to repel pests. There are many factors that influence pest infestations, but keeping an eye out for these three red flags can ensure your home remains free from pest infestations.


Check your home for foundation cracks, gaps in doorways and windows and weak areas in the crawlspace or basement. As the months grow colder, pests will become more aggressive in their search for an entry point into your home. Beat them to the punch by sealing up any weak areas.

Bad Plumbing

Consider your plumbing. Many older homes in the Portland area are plumbed with galvanized pipes. These pipes decay from the inside out, making a visual approximation of any damage difficult at best. Have your pipes checked for small leaks, water pressure issues, or slow drains. These could be indicative of larger problems, and standing water/water damage are huge components in many insect infestations.


Having a spotlessly clean home may not be as preventative as it could be if your home is cluttered. Many pest issues are a result of considerable clutter. Inspect your storage areas often and keep them organized and easy to keep clean.

If you’re still experiencing a pest issue, contact Wildwoods Pest Control. Our service professionals will offer prompt solutions to any of your pest issues. Visit our Services and Pest Info pages to learn more about how we can help keep your home pest free.

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