3 Things To Know About Pests In Your Garden

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Monday, February 5, 2018

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As spring draws ever nearer, many folks in the Gresham, Troutdale, and Clackamas areas are prepping their gardens for colorful upcoming spring blooms. We suggest that when cultivating your decorative, vegetable or ornamental gardens, pest control should be a critical part of your planning. While many plants can withstand the common perils of familiar pests, the same may not be said for your house so consider these three tips that can keep pests from infiltrating your home.

Keeping compost more than 10 feet from your home’s structures. This can help you avoid rodents, but if you happen to see slugs and snails lounging around your compost heap, fret not — the pests aerate compost and support the break-down of decaying organic matter.

Wasps and hornets can actually be beneficial to your garden (in small numbers). Wasps and hornets are often cause for alarm if a hive is festering in your eaves or in a nearby tree, but the occasional visit from wasps and hornets will likely leave you with far fewer small, plant destroying insects. Also, though not as effective as bees, wasps and hornets do pollenate.

Be on the lookout for mud tubes while preparing your beds for replanting. Mud tubes are a red flag for termite infestations, so if identified, contact a pest control specialist for an evaluation.

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