3 Ways To Help Resolve Moth Infestations

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Moth infestations can be a destructive force in your home, particularly your closets and your pantries. While webbing moths themselves have a reputation for eating irreparable holes through wool and silk, it is actually the moth larvae that do damage to your fine textiles. Similarly, meal moths can infiltrate your pantry items, leaving larvae to consume your dry goods in preparation for their cocoon stage, so often if you’ve discovered damage to your linens or larvae in your cornmeal, your moth infestation has already progressed to cocoon stage or beyond.

Moth infestations can be a nuisance for more reasons than just the destruction of fabrics and pantry items. Moths can be bothersome, annoying pests, flitting about your eyes and mouth and falling into your food and drinks. These three simple tips may help repel your moth population before a call to Wildwoods is necessary.

Examine all pantry items for signs of infestation. It’s uncommon, but meal moth infestations can begin in areas of your home where trace amounts of food have been left, so be meticulously thorough in your search for infested items.

Cedar chips won’t dissuade larvae from chomping your wool jackets, but they will discourage any adult moths from hanging about. Scatter a few satchels of cedar chips in areas where you find webbing moths and your adult moth issue should resolve itself.

Clear all affected fabric from your closets upon discovery of moth-caused damage. The most effective way to resolve a moth infestation is to remove the source of nourishment from the larvae, so don’t think twice about chucking those beloved wool trousers.

To learn more about moth infestations, visit Wildwoods’ Moth Pest Control page.

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