How To Prevent Rodents Getting In Your Home This Winter

Posted by bmedia on Thursday, October 17, 2013

rodentAs the warm day begin to be fewer and fewer and our cold, wet winter months quickly approach, we start to see fewer bugs in our industry.  However, the rodents are just getting started and there are several things that you can do to avoid having to call us later on.  Here are some simple rodent prevention tips:

1- Eliminate food sources
Probably the best way to get your home overrun with rodents quickly is to give them easy access to a food source. Of course this is not intentional, but many people make this mistake.  For example, if you are feeding birds with a bird feeder or even a squirrel feeder, you are inviting mice to your home.  Rodents are drawn to these areas to pick up all the scraps that fall on the ground. Another less obvious food source is a composter.  Believe it or not, a rat eats pretty healthy food like fruits and vegetables and will often find these scraps here.  If you are willing to take your chances and continue to have these in your yard, at least be aware of it and clean up as much as you can.  You can even have bird feeders that have large plates underneath to stop scraps from falling.

2- Check for missing screens
Rodents love your crawl space and really want to get in.  It provides them with an ideal environment to be safe, create a nest and start a huge family.  Whenever I walk up to a house and see one of their foundation vent screens out, I can almost guarantee that the crawl space has rodents (or worse even worse, raccoon’s, cats, etc).  These vent screens can be a little tricky to repair correctly.  To make it look nice, you want to reattach the screen from inside the crawl space and nobody likes to go into their crawl space (especially when you know there are rodents down there).  A good temporary solution would be to insert a foam cover inside the broken screen.  You can purchase these at just about any large hardware store and they are pretty universal in size.

3- Look for digging around your foundation
Like I said, rodents really love your crawl space and badly want to get in.  By doing a quick walk around your perimeter you can see if they are trying to burrow their way in.  This of course would not be much of a preventative measure because if you are seeing burrowing, you probably already have rodents, but you can prevent it from getting worse.  What you are looking for are quarter sized holes for mice and larger holes for rats.  If you do see them, you might not want to just cover them up.  This can cause them to die under your home, so doing a rodent treatment might be necessary at this point.

If you are having rodent issues in your home currently, please feel free to call our pest control company.  If not, be sure to do your best to avoid it!

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