A Rat! Or Is It A Mouse?

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Monday, May 1, 2017

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Eek! A rat! Or was that a mouse? Sometimes it can be a bit hard to tell the difference between the two, especially if you only saw them for a second. But it is actually fairly important to know the difference between a mouse or a rat so that they can be treated properly. Here are some ways you can tell the difference between a mouse and a rat.


Mice are usually much smaller than a rat usually around 7.5cm to 10cm and they have a smaller tail. Their coloring’s and markings can include light grey, white, light brown and black. Mice can do considerable damage to grain crops as well as homes. They can contaminate any food they come into contact with including pet food.

By contrast, rats are much bigger around 16 cm to 20 cm long. They can may be a cream colour, grey, black or light brown. They have a smooth coat and big, thin ears.

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