Are You A Candidate For Crawl Space Renovation?

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Wildwoods Pest Control_Are You A Candidate For Crawl Space Renovation

In Portland, homes are apt to have basements as opposed to crawl spaces, but nonetheless, there are thousands of homes for whom crawl spaces are the norm. Crawl spaces, when compromised, can have a profound effect on the health and well-being of a home’s residents. Crawl spaces house our plumbing and vents and insulate our floors. 40% of the air we breathe rises from our crawl spaces, so keeping that area free from contamination and moisture is crucial.

What Is Crawl Space Restoration?

Crawl spaces that have suffered structurally from rodent infestations or extensive water damage are both candidates for renovation. These causes can be identified by one of our professionals, and a treatment plan can be quickly established before any issues progress.

What Happens During A Crawl Space Restoration?

A crawl space restoration typically involves cleaning the entire space, taking special care to remove all contaminants. Typically, this means the removal of both the subfloor insulation and the vapor barrier. The crawl space is disinfected with a ULV fogger before more detailed procedures like air duct repair, moisture remediation, foundation vent repair, etc., can be performed.

Once all issues have been addressed, subfloor insulation is replaced as is vapor guard, and voila, your crawl space is once again happy and healthy!

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