Avoiding Flea Outbreaks This Spring

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Wednesday, January 31, 2018

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Spring may not have arrived just yet, but by the looks of it, it’ll be wasting no time warming things up once it gets here. That is to say, as spring approaches it’s wise to prepare your home for the inevitable uptick in fleas and ticks. For pet parents with animals prone to flea and tick troubles, that could mean taking a few steps to ensure your home remains free from fleas no matter how the temperature skyrockets. Consider these three tips to keep your home safe from pesky fleas.

Keep your pet’s flea medication up to date. By falling just a week behind in flea treatment you could be opening up your home as well as your pets tender flesh to parasitic pests. Your first line of defense is your pet, so make sure they are repelling fleas adequately.

Check your home’s exterior for weak points. Another troubling source of fleas is rodents. Make sure rats and mice steer clear of your home by ensuring there are no exploitable weak spots like ill-fitting doors, cracked foundations, open crawlspaces, etc.

Keep a trusted pest control specialist in your contact list. Having a pest control professional you can contact with questions or in case of a pest control emergency is wise for every homeowner.

Wildwoods has served the Portland area’s residential communities for several years and can create timely and effective solutions to all your pest control issues. Contact Wildwoods today if you are experiencing a pest control issue. Visit our Bees and Wasps, Rodent, Flea, and Termite Control pages to learn more about our methods.

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