Best Way to Control a Stink Bug or Box Elder Beetle Infestation in Sandy, Oregon

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Wildwoods Pest Control_Get Rid of Stink Bugs and Box Elder Bugs Now Before They Crawl Inside Your House and Hibernate

Wildwoods Pest Control Offers the Best Box Elder Beetle Control Services in Sandy

Many Sandy residents already know that spring is one time of year that box elder beetle populations are at their worst for their homes. Similarly, stink bugs tend to come out in full force around this time of year as well. Box elder beetles and stink bugs in Sandy both have similar overwintering habits, which means that when the weather turns warm again, they will emerge from all of the warm nooks and crannies they had been hiding in around your Sandy home over the winter.

Call Wildwoods Pest Control for Immediate Stink Bug Control or Box Elder Beetle Control Services in Sandy

The sheer numbers of box elder beetles and stink bugs that populate the Sandy area in the springtime can be intimidating. Spring is the time to prevent these guys from crawling inside your house and hibernating. Wildwoods Pest Control makes it our goal to provide top-notch box elder beetle control and stink bug control service to Sandy, Oregon. Our pest control team can quickly and professionally remove box elder beetles and stink bugs from your home and property and help you maintain control to avoid a future infestation.

Allow Wildwoods Pest Control to Remove Box Elder Beetles and Stink Bugs from Your Sandy Home

If you see even just a few of these insects around your Sandy home, you may already have an infestation that has been waiting to emerge since winter. Trying to get rid of box elder beetles or stink bugs yourself is inadvisable. Both types of insects have a distinct and undesirable side effect when they are crushed. Box elder beetles are known for leaving unsightly stains when crushed and stink bugs, of course, stink. Rely instead on stink bug and box elder beetle control from the professionals at Wildwoods Pest Control.

How Does Wildwoods Pest Control Get Rid of Box Elder Beetles and Stink Bugs?

By treating the exterior siding, Wildwoods Pest Control can form a protective barrier that will get rid of the infestation and work as a repellent for future infestations. Don’t rely on store-bought products – call in Wildwoods Pest Control for effective stink bug and box elder beetle removal today.

Safe and Effective Box Elder Beetle Control and Stink Bug Control Services in Sandy

Sandy locals can trust Wildwoods Pest Control services to completely rid their home of a box elder beetle and stink bug infestation. It is our promise to remove box elder beetles and stink bugs in the safest and most effective manner.

Wildwoods Pest Control employs an approach to pest control called “Integrated Pest Management.” We believe that each home should be treated differently because each home is unique. Wildwoods has served communities such as Sandy for several years and can create timely and effective extermination solutions for your pest control issue.

In addition to removing stink bugs and box elder beetles, Wildwoods Pest Control offers a wide range of other pest removal services, Call Wildwoods Pest Control at 971-219-6681 for all your pest removal needs.

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