Box Elder Beetles In Your Home

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Box Elder Beetles are distinctive black bugs with striking orange markings on their backs. Common in the Pacific Northwest, they congregate in massive numbers, typically on the exterior of a home, but they can penetrate and invade your home if not properly repelled. While box elder beetles pose no health or safety threats, their sheer numbers make them an unwanted pest. As they gather in areas of your home’s exterior, they can give the appearance of a much greater pest control problem, and if not dealt with, they can quickly become an even much greater pest control problem.

Box Elder Beetles are a noisy bunch and while they don’t bite per se, they do have the ability to cause injury. These pests are mainly denounced for their unsightly appearance and customary hordes. Drugstore and hardware store repellents are rarely effective in repelling box elder beetles, and once they’ve infested your home, you’ll require more than just a store-bought repellent to remove them.

Wildwoods Pest Control has great success in removing box elder beetle infestations from home interiors and exteriors, providing services that can keep your home free from these unsightly bugs indefinitely.

If you are experiencing a box elder beetle infestation, contact Wildwoods Pest Control. Visit our Services page to learn more about our safe extermination practices.

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