Common Vancouver Area Pests And How To Handle Them

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Wildwoods Pest Control-Common Vancouver Area Pests And How To Handle Them 

The charming city of Vancouver, Washington is home to some great sightseeing, driving tours, and historic homes. Its quaint main street is a virtual time capsule, with delicious homes lining the tree-lined residential areas surrounding the classic Boulevard.

It’s all quite picturesque on the surface, but beneath the gingerbread houses, cobblestone streets, and centenarian trees lie many of the same pests, vermin, and invasive species that plague both city and country respectively.

The discovery of an infestation can be a source of great anxiety, alarm, and unease. Whether you’re faced with an unending trail of carpenter ants with a destination you can’t quite get to, or the lone termite appearance in the cedar planks lining your original cabinetry, handling infestations is dirty business best left to professionals.

Residents of the more densely populated areas of Vancouver may find themselves besieged by field mice, rats, swarms of flies, and dreaded termites. Residents in more rural areas of Vancouver may experience the same pest control issues with the added burden of maintaining vast, pest-free acres.

Whether you’re faced with a bulging nest of angry wasps hidden in the deep crevices of your eaves, a scattering of cockroaches and their trails of waste, or the odd wildlife inhabitant who’s taken a shine to your particular home, Wildwoods is equipped to restore your home to its former, pest-free glory.

At Wildwoods Pest Control, we employ an approach to pest control called “Integrated Pest Management,” we believe that each home should be treated differently because each home is unique. Call the team at Wildwoods Pest Control today to discuss your particular infestation issue and learn how we can exterminate the problem.

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