Controlling Pests In Gresham Mid-Century Homes

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Gresham is well known for its sprawling residential neighborhoods full of split level, ranch style, and mid-century modern homes. These suburban sanctuaries recall a time when America, though fraught with turmoil, had a thriving middle class. As we approach the 2020s, many of these homes are bordering on vintage as they arduously arrive at septuagenarian status. These homes have special needs when it comes to maintenance. From plumbing to pest control, mid century homes require their own specific services.

Keeping these homes free from pests can be particularly difficult as they age. Termites, carpenter ants and roaches will capitalize on every opportunity to invade the dark, hidden spaces of your home before slowly moving into your living spaces, creating unmanageable issues. Wasps nests and bee hives will often turn up in the decorative eaves of many mid-century homes. When pressing problems like these turn-up, the homeowner’s smartest course of action is to contact a trusted, local pest control specialist with an extensive knowledge of how these specific homes must be treated. Identifying pest control issues is only the first part, eliminating pests and managing your home as to prevent re-infestation all starts with a call to Wildwoods Pest Control. Our team of specialists have an intimate knowledge of the pest control issues Gresham residents face, whether they’re living in a simplified Tudor or a minimal traditional home.

At the first sign of infestation, call Wildwoods Pest Control. We can help keep your home free of pests so that it can age gracefully and peacefully.

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