Does Your Home Need A French Drain?

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Friday, November 10, 2017

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If standing water has ever been an issue in your home’s crawlspace, foundations, or basements, you may be a candidate for a French drain. When standing water accumulates in the undersides of our homes, it can quickly become a health and safety issue. Infestations and standing water often go hand in hand, as do massive structural issues. Finding a solution to the issue of standing water will often result in the installation of a French drain.

A French drain is a drainage system consisting of water diverting trenches dug deep into the ground with a slight slant towards where you want the water to end up, typically a garden area, sump pump, or an underground basin that allows for more effective drainage. Installation involves the placing of a 4-inch perforated pipe wrapped in a geothermal filter in the newly dug trenches. The pipe is then covered in drain rock.  As the water begins to accumulate, the trenches will fill and begin moving the water to the desired location.

If your home has experienced an issue with mildew, mold, or water born pests like mosquitos, chances are you are a perfect candidate for French drain installation. Once installed, a French drain can resolve all issues with standing water in your crawlspaces, basements, or around your foundation.

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