Getting Rid Of Sugar Ants Near Your Business

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Wildwoods Pest Control Removes Sugar Ants From Your Business

When you’re experiencing a sugar ant infestation in or near your business, call on Wildwoods Pest Control. Wildwoods Pest Control effectively and safely removes sugar ants from your place of business. Don’t suffer sugar ants to interfere with your business, your employees, or your customers. Call Wildwoods Pest Control to quickly remove sugar ants from your property.

Sugar Ants Are Easily Attracted To Food Sources

Sugar ants can infest your business as easily as they do your home when they find a source of food. Whether it’s food that is prepared there or food left in the emloyee lunch room, any food source left behind will attract sugar ants if they are present.

Don’t Rely On Store Bought Repellents To Remove Sugar Ants

It may be tempting to try store-bought repellents to remove sugar ants. However, this is highly likely to make your infestation worse. Sugar ants have developed a defense mechanism that triggers when they are exposed to certain common repellents. By trying to remove sugar ants with store-bought repellents, you will trigger a process called “budding” among the sugar ants. During this process, the colony will separate and reproduce at a faster rate. Using over the counter products to remove sugar ants can, therefore, make the infestation worse.

To avoid an infestation, be sure to thoroughly clean any areas where food is regularly consumed or stored, such as employee break rooms. If an infestation takes place, however, Wildwoods Pest Control will safely remove sugar ants from your place of business.

Portland Businesses Can Rely On Wildwoods Pest Control To Remove Sugar Ants

Professional help is necessary to handle a serious sugar ant infestation. Wildwoods Pest Control provides professional pest removal service that can effectively and safely remove sugar ants from your business. Our Integrated Pest Management program is an environmentally friendly pest control method we use to protect the environment and keep your business safe while removing sugar ants from your property.

For the Best in Sugar Ant Pest Removal Services, Call Wildwoods Pest Control

When local businesses need pest control, Wildwoods Pest Control provides the best pest removal services in the area. In addition to removing sugar ants, Wildwoods Pest Control offers a wide range of other pest removal services, Call Wildwoods Pest Control at 971.219.6681 today for all your pest removal needs.

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