Gresham Area Landscaping Issues That Can Lead To Infestations

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Wildwoods Pest Control_Gresham Area Landscaping Issues That Can Lead To Infestations

When defending your home against insect and wildlife infestations, there are a few simple tricks that can make your exterior far less appealing to pests. Consider these few tricks that will help eliminate garden pests as well as pests hoping to find a way into your home.

Maintain your gutters and keep them clean.

A swampy gutter can be a warm, moist and cozy place for pests, making cleaning and maintenance so critical. Additionally, you should make sure that all downspouts are pointed away from your home. Pest-controlled landscaping makes sure all drainage is pointing away from your main structures. Proper drainage is crucial to pest controlled landscape.

Avoid an overgrown lawn.

Keeping your grass neatly trimmed means fewer places for pests to hide and fewer unnoticed, unaddressed, and easily exploited flaws in your home’s exterior.

Keep a lid on composting.

Compost piles are found in many Gresham backyards; keep those piles well away from your home’s structure and if possible use a composting container. Keeping a tight lid on both your compost and your waste as well as keeping them a few feet from your house will make it far less easy for pests to parlay them into a home invasion.

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