Gresham’s Business Owner’s Guide To Common Pest Infestations

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Gresham is flanked by rivers, mountains and all manner of vast parks and wild areas. The quaint downtown is reminiscent of an idealized American Main Street; diverse, joyful, vibrant, and perhaps most importantly, small. Small businesses lead the economics of downtown Gresham.  The needs of small business differ greatly from the needs of larger corporate entities with outposts dotting the American landscape. Small businesses, Gresham’s in particular, lean on the services of their neighbors, strengthening their local economy and offering each industry the opportunity to thrive in our small community.

Finding a pest control professional with extensive experience dealing with Gresham’s pest control issues is crucial to the success of each business on Main Street (and beyond). Gresham business owners contend with roach infestations, carpenter ants, termites, wasp/hornet/bee hives and a litany of wildlife, but the manner in which the infestations occur relies on location (Freestanding? Strip mall? Duplex? Office?) and Gresham’s variety is well known. Wildwoods expertly treats infestations in businesses across Gresham because Wildwoods knows Gresham. We know how to handle the pests that threaten the enviable local economy of our little city. If you are a Gresham area business owner experiencing pest control issues, reach out to Wildwoods today and let us help you with all your infestation issues.

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