Guarding Your Gresham Rental Property Against Termites

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Monday, February 12, 2018

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Gresham’s growth parallels Portland’s at every turn. As Portland population mounts, so does Gresham’s. As urban growth reaches new neighborhoods in Portland, Gresham’s commercial centers expand to accommodate new residents and their shopping needs. The more prominence Portland gains on a national scale, the more aerial images of residential Gresham appear for Portland searches; a charming city the shadow of Mt Hood.

As such, Gresham’s rental market has expanded heroically in the past decade. Now more than ever, property managers, landlords, and superintendents need to be vigilant in their fight against household pests, especially termites. These few tips will help keep property managers ahead of the game in the fight against termite damage.

Mud tubes are a clear indicator of a termite infestation. Look for the smallish tubes — about the diameter of a pencil — around foundations of your property.

Discolored drywall is another red flag. If you notice areas of drywall drooping and discolored, best practices indicate your reach out to an exterminator post haste.

Hollow sounding wood can also indicate a termite infestation. This is especially true when paired with evidence of wood dust, termite wings, and apparent water damage.

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