Crawl Space Restoration

insYour crawl space is one of the most important areas of your home.  It contains your air ducts, most of your plumbing and provides the very structural stability of your home.  When your crawl space is unhealthy, your home is unhealthy since up to 40% of the air your breathe rises up from here.  It is very important that this area of the home is free from contamination and moisture to ensure your home has good air quality.  Once the crawl space reaches a level of contamination that begins to become unhealthy, we will generally suggest doing a crawl space restoration.

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What Is A Crawl Space Restoration?

A crawl space restoration is a process of cleaning your entire crawl space that includes the removal of all contaminants.  In order to do this, we will most likely remove most or all of your subfloor insulation and vapor barrier.  Once all the contaminated materials are removed, we disinfect the space with a ULV fogger.  After the space has been thoroughly cleaned, we install new insulation and vapor barrier.  There are many other smaller factors that may need to be included in a crawl space restoration depending on the specific situation like air duct repair, moisture remediation, foundation vent repair, etc.

When Is A Crawl Space Restoration Needed?

Generally, a crawl space restoration is needed when your crawl space becomes contaminated by animals or severely damaged by water.  Most commonly, a bad rodent infestation can do considerable damage to a crawl space.  The subfloor insulation provides a perfect nesting place for rodents to live and breed.  It does not take long before the crawl space becomes contaminated to the point where a restoration is needed.

How Much Does It Cost?

Since each home and situation is so different, an inspection will first need to take place.  We offer a free, no obligation inspection so that we can determine the severity of the problem.  Once we have established your specific needs, we will put together a written proposal to take care of the issue.  If you have more questions or think you might need a crawl space restoration, please give us a call and we would be glad to help.

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