Vapor Barrier Installation

GE DIGITAL CAMERAA vapor barrier serves an important function in your crawl space. Your crawl space is a damp place since the soil under your home gets no sunlight. The moisture that is in the soil will naturally rise and without a properly functioning vapor barrier, that moisture would rise into the structural elements of your home and potentially cause damage.

What Is A Vapor Barrier?

Sandy Oregon ContractorA vapor barrier does exactly what it sounds like. It creates a barrier that stops water vapors from rising. In addition to protecting the overall structural integrity from moisture, a vapor barrier also cuts down on moisture in general and can prevent mold from forming. As per the latest Oregon building code, a vapor barrier must be black and at least 6 mil. It should also be overlapping the seams by at least 6 inches and cover all the exposed soil.

Why Does A Pest Control Company Install Vapor Barriers?

As a pest control company, we go into a lot of crawl spaces. While in a crawl space, we look for conducive conditions that may be aiding the infestation of pests. Without a vapor barrier under your home, the moisture level rises and creates a conducive condition for a variety of pests. In particular, it creates a condition where wood destroying pests like termites and wood boring beetles thrive. So, installing a vapor barrier becomes an important element in keeping your home free from pests.

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