How Do I Know If I Have A Rodent Infestation? 

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Wildwoods Pest Control Gets Rid Of All Unwanted Pests 

Have you seen unwanted pests in your Portland home? Then be sure to call Wildwoods Pest Control as soon as you can! The sooner the pest removal process is started, the better. Most unwanted pests breed quickly, meaning a small infestation could grow faster than you expect. Wildwoods Pest Control pest control services and integrated pest management techniques ensure that pest removal is quick and safe. 

Rodents In Your Home Are Unsanitary 

If you notice rodents in your home, prepare to call for pest removal services as soon as possible. Although small, rodents pose a huge threat to the hygiene of your home. Rodents are known to be able to carry up to 35 different diseases. Additionally, when they infest your Portland home they usually hide in the crawl spaces of your walls, leaving behind urine and feces. The air you breathe circulates through these spaces, meaning that a rodent infestation affects the air quality in your home as well. Not to mention rodents will try to find their way into your food in search of something to eat. 

How Do I Know If I Have A Rodent Infestation? 

If you see a rodent in your home it’s highly likely they’re already sheltering inside. Rodents will also leave behind gnaw marks on your furniture, greasy smears along the low parts of walls or on your baseboards, and feces. If you notice any of this, please contact Wildwoods Pest Control as soon as possible for rodent removal services. We’ll address the issue before it has time to get worse. 

Wildwoods Pest Control Takes Care Of All Your Pest Removal Needs 

Are you in need of professional pest removal? Call on Wildwoods Pest Control! Wildwoods Pest Control offers a wide range of safe and effective pest removal services to our clients. Searching for the best pest control specialists near me? Search no more! For the best, safest, and most effective pest control services near your business or facility, contact us or call us at 971-219-6681. 

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