How Do Opossums Get In Your Home?

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Thursday, March 23, 2017

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With the warmer months on their way, critters will be more active and find their way into your nice warm and dry house. In the Northwest, we have a wide variety of small nuisance animals that like to try and squeeze their way into your home. These animals then wreak havoc in your vents, crawl space and attic, contaminating them with waste. But how do animals like opossums get into your home?


Most people simply think of opossums as nothing more than roadkill, but like other furry invaders, these marsupials are also frequent visitors to residential properties. An indiscriminate eater, the opossum will devour everything from garbage to carrion, though these creatures’ natural diet includes rodents, bugs, and a wide variety of plants. Its varied diet naturally draws it to human habitations that offer ample and unsecured secondhand food for rummaging.

So how do opossums get in your house? As agile climbers, opossums can easily make their way into an attic through slits and holes in the eaves and vents. Thanks to its repulsive smell and the size of its droppings, the opossum is responsible for some of the stinkiest infestations of any North American animal short of a skunk.

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