How To Avoid Massive Flea Infestations

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In the winter months when our homes are shuttered from the harsh chill and decadently toasty inside, our domiciles become even more attractive to cold adverse pests like fleas. Keeping your home free from fleas could be a little trickier than you think, especially if you’ve got fuzzy pets or live in a pet-friendly building. Follow these tips to help ensure your home remains flea free for the long winter.

Treat your pets with flea deterrent medication and keep their doses up to date. Your pet can pick up fleas on quick neighborhood walks, at dog parks and from other neighborhood animals they consort with. Unless your pet is treated for fleas, they run the risk of bringing fleas into your home each time they’re walked.

Avoid foggers which are no-residual repellants that just drive fleas deep into your walls, insulation or furniture where, once they regroup, they can return stronger than ever. Instead, deeply clean your carpets, emptying your vacuum into a sealed bag after every pass, and clean hard to reach areas with borax. Once you’ve treated any pets for fleas, this step will aid in the removal of the remaining fleas.

If your flea issue has surpassed a vigorous vacuuming or intense deep cleaning, reach out to the professionals at Wildwoods Pest Control. Flea infestations can quickly spiral out of control and if your problem is beyond your control, the best solution is a visit from a pro.

Visit Wildwood’s page on Flea Pest Control to learn more about how we can help restore your home to flea-free comfort.

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