How To Identify Hobo Spiders

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Spiders In The Portland Area

Generally speaking, many types of spiders are harmless. Spiders can even be beneficial to have around because they eat other insects that could harm your home or garden. There are, however, a few types of venomous spiders that are local to the area that Portland locals should keep an eye out for. One such spider is the hobo spider.

How To Identify Hobo Spiders

Knowing how to properly identify spiders in the Portland area will allow you to avoid them more easily. Additionally, if you are able to identify types of spiders you will know better when a professional spider exterminator is needed.

Hobo spiders are commonly mistaken for another kind of spider – the giant house spider. They can be one of the more difficult spiders to identify properly, but there are a few signs that Portland locals can look for. Hobo spiders tend to be a large spider. Their coloring is brown with darker brown markings. Most spiders have darker colored joints on their legs. Hobo spiders are more unique in that they lack darker colored joints on their legs. They are one of several kinds of spiders that create a funnel-like web.

If you’ve identified hobo spiders in or near your home, don’t hesitate to call on Wildwoods Pest Control for hobo spider extermination.

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