How To Spot Termite Damage

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Termites are tiny insects that live in large colonies that can cause a significant amount of damage to the wood in your house. We are equipped to deal with both Subterranean and Dampwood Termites, and make your home pest free. Wildwoods Pest Control is here to make sure your home is free of damaging termites. How do you begin to identify termite damage? 

Signs of Termite Damage
A house with damage from termites often looks the same as any other house on the surface. Termites can build nests hidden inside walls, causing damage for years before it becomes apparent. Termite control experts are trained to spot signs of termite activity, potentially before the colony has damaged the wood inside a home.

If a termite infestation is unnoticed and untreated for many years, a home can suffer significant damage. In some cases, this damage can be easily mistaken for water damage. Termite inspectors can discern between structural damage caused by water or wood-destroying insects – including termites, carpenter ants and beetles.

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