How To Treat Your Home For Bedbugs

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Bedbug infestations can literally be an absolute nightmare to remedy. Once the bugs have infested your home nothing short of a professional extermination will eliminate the infestation. There are a few tips, however, to minimize the risk of infestation. If employed at the first sign of bedbugs, these tips can keep your pest control issue from becoming a full-blown catastrophe.

Tips For Getting Rid Of Bedbugs

Bedbugs are terrifically difficult to extricate from a home once they’ve established residency. The first step in avoiding an all-out infestation is to determine which rooms have been exposed to bedbugs and quarantine them.

Before the quarantine is official, remove any objects from the room that may be accommodating the pests. Place all items in air-tight plastic bags and seal them. These bags will be required to sit unopened for a considerable length of time to ensure all pests within have expired. If the room is uncommonly cluttered, you may be in a situation the requires a Wildwoods professional. Otherwise, clean all hard surfaces and dispose of any furniture that cannot be treated. Infested furniture should be thrown out as well as destroyed so as not to tempt anyone else from adopting it into their home.

Vacuum thoroughly and repeatedly, emptying the vacuum after every use into an airtight bag, and then into an outdoor garbage bin.

Call Wildwoods Pest Control At The First Sign Of Bedbugs

While these tips may help keep a bedbug issue at bay, the only proven solution for a bedbug infestation is a visit from a pest control specialist. Wildwoods Pest Control offers superb pest control options. Contact us at the first sign of bedbugs and we’ll make sure you can once again sleep easy.

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