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Warm weather is great for ants to come out and investigate your home looking for any bit of food in your home. It’s spring time, which means pests that went into hibernation for the cold months of winter are now going to make a comeback. That means you might get tiny little ants that smell when you squish them. These little guys are called Odorous House Ants or Sugar Ants, and they can get in your home and multiply¬†quickly if you are not careful.

Ants can be found in your home or outside throughout most of the year. It is in the spring and again in the fall when we tend to have the most problems with ants invading homes.

Ants will come out in the spring and in the fall and find their way into homes. In the spring they emerge early and have to find a place that is warm at night and has food. Many people do not realize where the ants are coming from, which can make control difficult. Ants will find any tiny crack in the foundation of your home or any holes around doors or windows to find their way into your home. Once inside, they become a real nuisance to our way of life. Most common house ants are probably odorous house ants. These are very tiny ants that are reddish-brown to black and if you crush them they smell bitter. These are typically found all over homes especially in the kitchen.

Control of ants can be done through multiple techniques. If you can find the colony, the best control method would be to treat the colony. If you do not know where the ants are coming from and cannot locate the colony, you can still control them.

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