Keeping Your Beaverton Home Free From Termites

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In Beaverton neighborhoods, family homes occupy most of the landscape — which is why keeping these homes termite-free is so critical. Termites cause more damage to structures worldwide than any other wood destroying insect. Though they are far more common in warmer climates, an active termite infestation in Beaverton or anywhere else in the Portland area can do just as much damage. Follow these few tips to evaluate whether or not your home has a termite issue:

Subterranean termites can be identified visually. Inspect areas around your home to identify subterranean termites in the presence of “mud tubes.” These are tubes that are typically the diameter of a pencil and go from the soil to the wood that the termites are feeding on.

Another red flag is wood damage. If you recognize wood that appears to be damaged by insects, you should be looking for hard fecal pellets that fill the excavated galleries. This is a clear indication that your home is beset with termites.

Dampwood termites can be distinguished by their two-segmented body. They are commonly mistaken for carpenter ants (ants have three segments). A damp wood termite will only infest wood that is soft or damp and does not infest wood that is structurally sound.

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