Keeping Your Corbett Home Free From Moths

Posted by bmedia on Friday, May 18, 2018

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Corbett is a quiet area of Clackamas, mainly reserved for residential neighborhoods and family communities. These tree-lined streets and boulevards may be charmingly favorable, but the homes they shade are particularly vulnerable to moth infestations.

Moths’ sizes and coloring vary greatly, but they are usually 1/2 to 1 inch long and are typically a pale white brown or gray.  The damage they cause in the larvae stage is typically what we see in our fine wools, silks, and linens.

Moth larvae will usually trend towards eating wool and silk and the damage will look like small round holes in the fabric, almost like a cigarette burn.

Common moth control products consist of mothballs and cedar chips and while these items work well as a repellent for adult moths, it is important to note that they do not have an effect on what is actually causing the damage (the larvae). Although many homeowners struggle with do it yourself moth control remedies the results are often less than satisfactory. Small problems can develop into large ones and this is when many people seek out the services of a pest control professional.

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At Wildwoods Pest Control, we employ an approach to pest control called “Integrated Pest Management,” we believe that each home should be treated differently because each home is unique. Clackamas’s many varied neighborhoods each have specific needs and vulnerabilities. Wildwoods has served Portland area communities for several years and can create timely and effective solutions to all your wildlife and pest control issues.

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