Keeping Your Denny Whitford Home Free From Termites

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Wildwoods Pest Control_Keeping Your Denny Whitford Home Free From Termites

The Denney Whitford neighborhood of Beaverton is a charming enclave, replete with history and community. This family-centered area of Beaverton is particularly vulnerable to termite infestations which can cause home values to drop, facades to fade and whole blocks to feel the effects. Containing these hazardous pests begins with these precautions each Denny Whitford resident should take before spring.

Keeping Your Denny Whitford Home Free From Termites

The best way to identify subterranean termites is the presence of “mud tubes”.  These are basically tubes that are typically the diameter of a pencil that go from the soil to the wood that they are feeding on. If you recognize wood that appears to be damaged by insects, you should also be looking for hard fecal pellets that fill the holes the termites leave behind.

Damp wood termites are far less destructive and easier to exterminate than their subterranean cousins.  Damp wood termites are larger red termites with wings, commonly mistaken for carpenter ants.  A damp wood termite will only infest wood that is soft or damp and does not infest wood that is structurally sound. Inspect your home for water damaged wood (crawlspaces, attics, and basements) as well as damage caused to the water damaged areas by termites.

If you have signs of termites in your Denney Whitford Beaverton home, contact Wildwoods immediately. Learn more about our termite control and other services. Wildwoods has served Beaverton area communities for several years and can create timely and effective solutions to all your wildlife and pest control issues.

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