Keeping Your Gresham Home Safe From Moths

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Friday, February 23, 2018

Wildwoods Pest Control_Keeping Your Gresham Home Safe From Moths

Gresham in spring is a fragrant potpourri of fresh flowers, mountain breezes, and flowing glacial waters. These distinct smells, colors, and textures make a spectacular atmosphere for humans, but they also make great habitats for pests. Gresham’s gorgeous springtime can usher in all manner of unwanted houseguests of the insect variety, so keeping your home protected is a must. This season watch out for moths in your pantry as well as your closets. Use these few tips to keep your home safe from both of these most common types of moths.

If you are finding damages to your clothing or linen, there are a few signs to observe to identify if moths are causing it. First, check to see what material it is since moth larvae will usually trend towards eating wool and silk. Secondly, the damage will look like small round holes in the fabric and has often been described as looking like a cigarette burn.

Meal moths that can be observed fluttering in pantry areas can be identified by them small slim bodies. These pesky moths can infiltrate flours, baking mixes, rice and other dry goods. Make sure your pantry goods are all stores in airtight containers to discourage meal moths from setting up shop.

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