Keeping Your Happy Valley Rental Property Free From Rodents

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Property managers in Happy Valley know firsthand how much effort goes into preventing a rodent infestation versus exterminating a rodent infestation. And the former is far more preferable to the latter. If you’re preparing your property for new renters or just gearing up for warmer temperatures, these few tips will help you on your way to rodent-proofing your rental property.

Start with a visual inspection around the perimeter of your property. Look for any crack, gap or hole that is ¼” or larger. These will need to be filled immediately. Holes that are 2” or smaller can be filled with copper mesh or spray foam. Larger holes or gaps will require the use of sheet metal or hardware cloth with less than ¼” mesh to repair the area.

The same applies to gaps in windows, door frames, and eaves. Seal up these potential entryways to discourage rodents from entering your home.

Trees with branches that hang above your home should be trimmed back to eliminate rodents from potentially using said branches to access weak points in your room or chimney.

Pipes that run vertically up apartment buildings, condos and houses can be utilized by rodents to gain entry into your home. Solutions to this common issue include using high gloss paint to place a 12” band around the pipe at least 3 feet from the ground  to stop rodents from climbing. Alternatively, circular metal rodent guards around the pipe will keep rodents from ascending the pipe.

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