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Posted by brainjmedia03 on Friday, February 9, 2018

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Spring is approaching, and many Gresham area homeowners are turning their garden over for a jump start on the season’s planting schedule. For these folks, now is the perfect time to consider how your landscaping can contribute to their home’s pest control. These three tips can help their keep rodents and other pests at bay while the weather turns warmer and more inviting.

Be deliberate when choosing water features. Faulty installations could cause foundation damage if the feature is too close to the home structure and standing water is an open invitation to pests. Be judicious when planning a water feature and keep it several yards from your house, and filtered regularly.

Keep gardens beds away from the home structure. True, your garden will attract many creatures that are harmless to both you, your home and your garden, but it’s that pesky 1% of invasive pests that require you to give your garden beds quite a bit of breathing room.

Don’t skimp on your mulch. Mulch is necessary to help plants reach their potential, but it can also be a warm, safe harbor for pests. Choose mulch like cedar chips that retain less water making them less attractive to thirsty rodents.

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