Maintaining Rodent Free Restaurants and Cafes in Gresham

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Monday, January 8, 2018

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Gresham’s many cafes and restaurants are all vulnerable to rodent infestations, particularly in these colder months. Restaurants are especially attractive to rodents because of their abundance of food waste. While some restaurants may never experience rodent issues, many more will, and keeping their spaces safe from rodent damage is crucial for the health and safety of many Greshamites.

If you suspect a rodent invasion in your Gresham restaurant, look for these red flags that require immediate attention:


Fresh feces will appear dark and glossy while older feces will take on an ashy hue. Droppings can be anywhere from 1/4 inch to 3/4 of an inch. These droppings will typically be contained to a few key areas and once spotted, a call to a local pest control professional should be made.

Nesting Material

Shredded newspaper, macerated sawdust, or otherwise compromised building materials found in a nest formation is a clear sign of a rodent infestation, contact a professional immediately upon finding nesting materials.

Teeth Marks

Tiny teeth nibbling food not properly stored is another clear sign of an infestation. Make sure all food is stored in airtight containers, and then contact your local exterminator.

The best action to take when a mice or rat control problem arises is to call Wildwoods Pest Control Services. Wildwoods has served Gresham’s professional communities for several years and can create timely and effective solutions to all your moth control issues.

Contact Wildwoods today if you are experiencing a rodent control issue. Visit our Rodent Control page to learn more about our methods.

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