Pest Control For Clackamas Hospices

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Clackamas is home to thousands of elderly and infirmed residents, many of whom reside in hospices, elder care facilities or retirement homes. These spaces vary from modern apartment style facilities to older remodeled residences but each of these facilities is vitally responsible for the health and care of their charges. When household pests threaten that safety, Wildwoods Pest Control can help.

Clackamas County hosts many common insects, rodents, and wildlife that threaten the homes of the elderly. Infestations of bedbugs, roaches, ants, and termites can cause irreparable damage to not just an elderly person’s home but also to their health. Rodent invasions can introduce dangerous bacteria and disease, and wildlife interlopers can wreak havoc on home exteriors when left unchecked. In hospice environments, this results in additional stress to nurses and other healthcare professionals who are left to shoulder the burden of a pest infestation.

Having a trusted team to respond to your pest control emergencies is crucial in a healthcare environment. Wildwoods Pest Control has worked with Clackamas facilities for several years. Our pest control specialists have an intimate knowledge of the pest issues Clackamas hospices come up against. Our team is prompt, professional and meticulous. When your healthcare facility, retirement home, or hospice experiences a pest control issue, contact Wildwoods Pest Control first.

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