Pest Control For Gresham Retirement Homes

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Gresham is home to just over 100K people, a large percentage of them elderly or infirmed. Many of these folks live in senior care facilities or require the aid of a homecare professional. Gresham’s robust landscape offers both wide expanses of land and bustling commercial districts, both of which house thousands of elderly Greshamites. When the homes of our Gresham retirees are threatened with infestations, there is a significant risk of damage to their health and wellness.

Common Gresham pests include roaches, carpenter ants, sugar ants, termites, moths, silverfish, and more. Additionally, there is a constant threat of rodent invasions, especially in areas that contain waste. Regardless the part of Gresham in which you reside, there is a steadfast risk of pest problems.

Managers of Gresham retirement homes, hospices, and eldercare have the vital responsibility of keeping their facilities free from pests. Insects and rodents alike can spread dangerous bacteria, weaken structures, and cause a generally unsafe atmosphere. Having a trusted pest control specialist with an intimate knowledge of the challenges faced by Gresham’s care facilities is absolutely crucial.

Wildwoods Pest Control employs safe solutions to pest control issues, both large or small, for retirement homes and residential care facilities in Gresham. Visit our website to learn more about our team, our services, and the pests we control.


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