Pest Control Issues That Intensify In Winter

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Wildwoods Pest Control_Pest Control Issues That Intensify In Winter

Summer and spring have long been considered the problem seasons in regards to pest control. Summer ushers in fruit flies and sugar ants, and spring awakens silkworm moths and beetles. Fall and winter months are less marked by invasive pests, but it’s important for homeowners to be aware of the pest control issues that tend to intensify during cold winter months. If your home displays any of these deep winter red flags, contact the professionals at Wildwoods for an inspection before your small problem becomes a serious infestation.


Rodents are searching for warm places to take shelter as the weather turns cold. If you’ve spotted new or old droppings, nibble marks on countertop fruits, or shredded nesting materials, a call to your trusted pests control professional should follow.


Another animal you may observe in search of warm shelter is the common raccoon, a neighborhood critter just as familiar as squirrels and crows. Aside from sealing up any weak, exploitable points in your home’s exterior, keep waste bins tightly lidded and no less than 10 feet from your home.

German Cockroaches

Arguably the most stubborn cockroach, the German variety prefer the warm humid indoor areas of kitchens and bathrooms. If you’ve observed a scattering of these roaches upon lighting your kitchen for a midnight snack, contact Wildwoods to start planning a solution. 

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