an-adult-bed-bug_lBed bug infestations have grown significantly over the past decade.  There was once a time during the times of DDT, that bed bugs seemed to have been under control, but now it seems it is as bad as ever.  Bed bugs have adapted and survived and have become harder to kill and are now thriving in many metropolitan areas around the country.  Portland, Oregon is no exception and the problem is getting worse and worse.

new coupon iconBefore assuming that you have bed bugs just because you are getting bit, it is important to positively identify them.  Here are  a few of their characteristics:

-They may not be as small as you think.  They are about the size and shape of a watermelon seed, flat and kind of oval shaped.

-They can be an amber color, a brownish red and everything in between depending on when they last fed.

-Bed bugs will hide in tight places near the bed like the folds of the mattress, in the bed frame, in the nightstand, etc.

-Bites will generally be in clusters on the upper body.

-Feedings are usually once a week around dawn.

-After they feed, a drop of blood can sometimes be found on your sheets

If many of these signs are consistent with what you are seeing, we recommend having it treated right away.  Bed bugs are the hardest pest to exterminate in the Portland area and the longer you wait, the harder it gets.  Keep in mind that a female bed bug can lay about 500 eggs in her lifetime, so you need to act quickly if you suspect that you have a problem.

The first step to take when you think you have a bed bug infestation is to call us.  We will come out and do a free inspection to inform you how bad the issue is and what steps need to be taken.  If you are having problems with bed bugs and would like some help, please give us a call.

Photo credit: Qazwix / Foter / CC BY-NC

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