BoxelderbugzBox elder beetles are those disgusting black and orange bugs that congregate on the side of your home.  You will typically see them on the south side of the home soaking up the sun.  If left untreated, these infestations can get worse and worse and really start to look unsightly on your home.  They also can start to get inside of the home as well.  Although they are not trying to get into the home for any specific reason, as they crowd around your window, they just find their way in.

new coupon iconInfestations of box elder beetles are worse in the spring and in the fall.  Treatment of them can ensure that a lighter problem or no problem at all happens the next time around.  When they do infest, they can be a little intimidating when they are in such large numbers and they also make a loud buzzing sound when they fly.  Box elder beetles do not typically “bite”, but they do have a sucking mouth part that can pierce the skin.

Treatment for box elder beetles by a pest control professional is very effective.  By treating the exterior siding, we can form a protective barrier that will get rid of the beetles infesting and also work as a repellent for future infestations.  Many of our customers have tried treating these insects with store bought products before calling us out and have had little success.

If you are having an issue with box elder beetles and would like some help, we would invite you to give us a call.  We can give you a firm price over the phone on what it would cost to get rid of them.  We look forward to hearing from you!


Photo Credit: By Archbob ( [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

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