adult-male-oropsylla-montana-flea-1_lFleas are an external parasite that can be very bothersome to have in the house.  Just about everyone has had a flea infestation at some point and it can be quite annoying.  In addition, they can multiply very quickly and the worse that it gets, the harder they are to exterminate.

Sandy Oregon Pest Control CouponObviously, the first thing that you should do when trying to address a flea problem is to look at the pets.  You really get what you pay for on flea medication, so be sure to be using something of good quality like Advantage or Frontline.  If your pets don’t have fleas or you don’t even have pets, there can be other sources.  For example, if you have rodents or any other animals living under your home, your crawl space might be infested with fleas that are making their way up to your living space.  It might be worth having a pest control company doing a free crawl space inspection to let you know if there is a problem down there.

As mentioned, it is important to act quickly when dealing with fleas.  A female can lay about 20 eggs at a time and over 5,000 in a lifetime!  On top of this, an egg matures into an adult in just 3 to 4 weeks, so you can see how quickly things can get worse.

Just about every customer that we meet has already tried some over the counter products to exterminate the fleas, but many of them can be counterproductive.  For example, probably the worse thing that you can do is use flea foggers.  These are basically just no-residual repellent that will drive the fleas deep into the walls and furniture.  You might think that you made an impact for awhile, but they will come back stronger soon.

If you are dealing with a flea issue and are ready for some help, please give our office a call.  We would love to talk to you and help you solve your problem.


Photo credit: kat m research / Foter / CC BY-SA

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