Rodent pest control in Sandy, OregonRodents are a pretty big problem in the Sandy, Oregon and the Portland Metro area. Rats and mice can cause a lot of problems for home owners and should not be ignored. According to the Center For Disease Control, rodents can carry 35 different diseases. Although it is very rare for a home owner to contract any of these diseases, it still should not be ignored. In addition to this, rats and mice will contaminate the areas where they live and breed with their urine and feces.  Sandy Oregon Pest Control Coupon

If you are seeing a rodent inside of your house, then there is a high likelihood that they are nesting nearby (usually in your crawl space). Rodents are drawn towards your crawl space in particular because it provides them warmth and shelter. They typically are able to access the crawl space easily by entering through a broken foundation vent screen or burrowing underneath the foundation. Once they are established, their scent can also attract more rodents. They also reproduce very quickly (a female mouse can have over 70 babies a year), so the problem can get out of hand very quickly if it goes unchecked. For severe infestations in the crawl space, you may have to have a crawl space restoration performed, which can be costly.

Our pest control treatments for rats and mice are more advanced than a home owner has access to. We use a combination of professional rodent baits and traps that are secured in tamper proof boxes. Our products are effective on rodents and safe for pets because of the way they work within the rodents digestive system. A rodent does not have the ability to vomit, which means that once it eats the product, it cannot get it out of its system. A dog or cat on the other hand, will vomit and would need an extremely large dosage in order for it to be fatal. Even with this in mind, we take great care in the placements of our baits to avoid any exposure to your pets. Child and pet safety is easily the biggest concern that customers have before treatment and we would love the opportunity to walk you though how we keep your family safe.  

Photo credit: USDAgov / Foter / CC BY-ND

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