sugar ant control in Sandy Oregon

Sugar ants (also called Odorous House Ants) are probably the most common pest problem that we get here in Sandy, Oregon.  They are the pesky black ants that cover your kitchen and swarm every sweet thing that your kids leave behind.  On top of being the most common pest in the area, they are also one of the hardest to exterminate.

Sandy Oregon Pest Control CouponSugar ants are a type of soil ant, so they come from the ground outside and find their way into your home.  They are distinguished by the distinct smell that they give off when they are squished.  The smell has been described as anything from a rotten coconut to gasoline.  Although they do not do any damage to the home, they can multiply quickly and spread out across the home.

Probably the biggest reason that these ants are so challenging is because of the way that they react to repellents.  When confronted with a repellent, these ants will start a process called “budding” in which the colony will separate and reproduce at a faster rate.  Since nearly all of the sprays that you can buy over the counter are repellents (Raid, Black Flag, Ortho Home Defense), home owners can make their problem considerably worse by trying to treat themselves.

Sometimes you can get lucky and get the nest under control by using store bought baits, but it is rare.  To give yourself the best chance in exterminating sugar ants, you should start by thoroughly cleaning your kitchen and making sure to remove any possible food sources and then try applying some baits.

If you are struggling with sugar ants and are ready for some help, please give us a call.  We would be happy to set up a free inspection and evaluation.

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