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Pest Maintenance Program

Wildwoods Pest Control provides year round protection for all kinds of pests with a preventative maintenance program.  We don’t believe that a cookie-cutter approach is effective when dealing with pests in the Pacific Northwest because each home is so different.  We custom design a plan for each home on a maintenance program and do not require you to be on a contract.

What Does A Maintenance Program Include?

A preventative pest maintenance works almost like insurance.  We come out and do a preventative treatment on your home on a predetermined regular basis (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, etc.).  If you start seeing pests that are covered under the plan in between our treatments, we will come back out for free to take care of them!

What Pests Are Included?

Just about all pests are covered under the pest maintenance program with the exception of bed bugs, fleas and cockroaches unless specially noted on the maintenance agreement.  The reason that these pests are not included is because it is not possible to do a “preventative” treatment on a pest that may be inadvertently brought into the home.  Although we still treat for these pests, it may incur an additional charge.

How Much Does It Cost?

Since every home is so different, the price will be based upon the specific needs of your home.

Can I Cancel Anytime?

Yes!  We do not require you to be on a contract.  In fact, we don’t want you to be on one because we are confident that you will be so happy with the service that you will need to be on a contract.  We also believe that if you ever feel as if you are not getting a good value with the service we provide, that you should be able to cancel it without any penalties.

If you have more questions regarding our pest maintenance programs, we invite you to give us a call!

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