Preventing Bedbugs – How To Keep Your Home Bedbug Free

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Monday, December 11, 2017

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Bedbugs are some of the most agitating and formidable pests you can find in your home. They are resilient, fast reproducers who will quickly take over not just your bed but any areas in which they can hide and breed. Their diminutive size makes them easily unnoticed, which further increases their opportunity for infestation, and once they’ve established their nests, it will take a considerable effort to remove them. Once bedbugs have infiltrated your home, it’s likely the only true resolution will come with a visit from a pest control specialist, but follow these few tips to ensure bedbugs don’t end up in your home in the first place.

Inspect used or old furniture and clothing.

Inspect any used, vintage, or retro furniture, linens, home textiles or clothing thoroughly before bringing it home. And on occasions when these items make their way over your threshold, make sure you wash them thoroughly before putting them to use. Never bring home any items that exhibit bedbug residue, no matter how faint.

De-clutter your home.

De-clutter areas of your home where storage has taken over. Eliminate hiding places by keeping your stored items in airtight containers and keeping the area they reside in consistently neat and clean.

Be extra cautious when using shared laundry spaces.

Pay close attention to shared laundry spaces before using machines. Give each machine a visual inspection before loading your wash, and keep your loads in closeable bags.

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