Professional Box Elder Beetle and Stink Bug Removal in Gresham

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Wildwoods Pest Control_Get Rid of Stink Bugs and Box Elder Bugs Now Before They Crawl Inside Your House and Hibernate


Box Elder Beetle and Stink Bugs Come Out During the Spring

Around this time of year, Gresham locals will find that they are more likely to see box elder beetles and stink bugs in and around their homes. Wildwoods Pest Control urges the Gresham residents to take immediate action when they see box elder bugs and stink bugs. Call Wildwoods Pest Control for quick and effective boxelder beetle and stink bug removal. Boxelder bug and stink bug removal should be handled professionally to achieve the desired results.

Act Right Away When You Find Box Elder Beetles or Stink Bugs

It’s important to get rid of stink bugs and box elder beetles now, before they crawl inside your house and hibernate. Boxelder bugs and stink bugs have similar overwintering habits. Once they emerge in the spring, both these pests tend to emerge in large numbers. Gresham locals may find themselves with an infestation on their hands before they know it. Wildwoods Pest Control professionally removes boxelder beetles and stink bugs. Infestations can occur outside or inside your Gresham home. Wildwoods Pest Control will safely remove all box elder beetles and stink bugs from your home.

Identifying Box Elder Beetles and Stink Bugs

Both insects have a distinct look. Stink bugs are brownish gray in color and shaped like a shield. Box Elder Beetles are longer in shape. They are colored black with red and orange markings.

Don’t attempt to remove boxelder bugs or stink bugs on your own. Stink bugs can emit a foul odor when they are crushed or even just handled. Box elder beetles, on the other hand, leave behind unsightly stains when they are crushed. To avoid any unwanted side effects from handling either one, allow a professional to remove box elder beetles and stink bugs from your Gresham property. Here’s the best way to control a stink bug or box elder beetle infestation.

Gresham Can Rely on Wildwoods Pest Control for Box Elder Beetle and Stink Bug Removal

Gresham residents can trust Wildwoods Pest Control for all its pest control needs. We promise to remove box elder beetles and stink bugs in the safest and most effective manner. We employ an approach to pest control called “Integrated Pest Management.” We believe that each home should be treated differently because each home is unique. In addition to removing stink bugs and box elder beetles, Wildwoods Pest Control offers a wide range of other pest removal services. Wildwoods has served the Gresham community for several years and can create timely and effective extermination solutions for your pest control issue.


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