Protecting Clackamas Schools From Pest Infestations

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Friday, October 6, 2017

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Clackamas is home to many charter, private and home-based schools. While Clackamas’ public schools may have contracted pest control specialists or even in-house staff to manage pest invasions, that is a luxury not available to most small schools.  For the several smaller schools that dot Clackamas county, local pest control professionals are their best line of defense against pest infestations.

Common Clackamas pests include roaches, sugar ants, wasps, termites, rodents and the occasional wildlife interloper. These pest issues present themselves throughout Clackamas, but there is arguably no more vulnerable place to attack than the landmarks where our children learn.

Early education centers and charter schools are always at risk for insect infestations, what with sticky fingers, messy snacking and carelessly sloppy children. While those youngsters learn to control the impulses that cause the type of behaviors that attract pests, the issues remain. Having a trusted pest control specialist who not only knows the pest issues Clackamas faces but is also cognizant of the effects pest control can have on small children is vital.

Wildwoods Pest Control has served Clackamas for many years and can offer safe, effective pest control for the smaller learning institutions of Clackamas. Our team is prompt, meticulous, and thorough. Learn more about the pests we repel and the services we provide.

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