Protecting Your Clackamas Farmhouse From Pests

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Friday, September 15, 2017

Wildwoods Pest Control_Protecting Your Clackamas Farmhouse From Pests

Classic farmhouses nestled comfortably amongst rolling acres of Clackamas farmland are truly lovely to behold. Sturdy yet decorative, plain but beautiful, they are the most iconic representation of American architecture. Maybe it was seeing one fly through a tornado in The Wizard Of Oz or perhaps our weekly obsession with the saga of the Little House On The Prairie, but in all our hearts is held a nostalgic love of the sweet, simple farmhouse.

Clackamas farmhouses are at constant risk of infestation by all manner of household pests, in addition to the local wildlife that threatens to upset garbage cans, burn piles and compost areas. In classic farmhouses, older wood can be particularly susceptible to termite invasions which can quickly go from annoyance to catastrophe. The signature eaves of a farmhouse are the perfect place for beehives and wasp’s nests and the expanse of land on which these homes reside makes them attractive to field mice and rats.

Keeping these homes pest-free is a smart way to ensure their value for years to come, but it’s not always easy. Considering how quickly small pest infestations can spiral out of control, reaching out to a trusted pest control specialist is in the best interest of every farmhouse owner in Clackamas county.

Wildwoods Pest Control has worked with Clackamas farmhouse owners for many years. Our professionals have expert knowledge regarding protecting your home from pest infestations.

Visit Wildwoods’ website to learn more about the pests we protect against and how we can help you maintain a pest free home.


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