Protecting Your Five Oaks/Triple Creek Home From Roaches

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The charming Gresham neighborhoods of Five Oaks and Triple Creek are replete with family homes. These communities, while tidy and pleasant, are just as vulnerable to insect, rodent and wildlife infestations as more rural or more urban areas of the city.  Cockroaches, in particular, can be an issue in this quiet Gresham enclave. Look for these warning signs if you suspect a roach infestation.

Warning Signs of a Roach Infestation in Your Home

Cockroaches occupy areas that provide warmth, water, and food. These are all vital if they are to thrive and reproduce.  Typically, the kitchen is where they find all of these things – specifically under the refrigerator or behind the oven.  Since cockroaches have been known to carry 33 different types of bacteria, they can quickly make your kitchen an unsanitary place.  In addition to the bacteria, cockroach feces can also be an allergen and can induce asthma-related symptoms.

Cockroaches can infest a home many different ways, but the most common is from eggs being brought into the home from groceries.  It may not be possible to avoid a cockroach getting into your home, but there are certainly ways to manage infestations once they arise in your home.

Treatment for cockroaches by a pest control professional is very effective. If you have signs of roaches in your Five Oaks/Triple Creek Gresham home, contact Wildwoods immediately. Wildwoods has served Gresham area communities for several years and can create timely and effective solutions to all your wildlife and pest control issues.

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