Protecting Your Home From Happy Valley’s Most Common Pests

Posted by brainjmedia03 on Friday, January 19, 2018

Wildwoods Pest Control_Protecting Your Home From Happy Valley's Most Common Pests

Winter brings with it a few pest control issues less prevalent in the summer months, and those issues can be compounded if not identified and addressed. Consider these few easy tips to keep your Happy Valley home protected from pests throughout these frigid winter months and well into spring and summer.

Seal cracks in the foundation, damaged grates, weak areas in the roof, and gaps in any doors or window frames. Giving pests fewer options to invade your home will prevent massive infestations, and will help keep your home efficiently warm as well.

Keep waste areas and firewood well covered and no less than 10 feet from your home’s main structure. These areas can harbor pests, giving them ample time to infiltrate your home. Remove these areas to corners of the garden or driveway to ensure their presence does not result in an infestation.

Avoid OTC pest control solutions. All too often, drugstore pest control solutions only strengthen pests resolve, and immunity. These budget solutions may create a false sense of solution, but more often than not, they actually compound pest control problems. Before pest issues become overwhelming, contact the professionals at Wildwoods Pest Control.

Wildwoods has served Happy Valley’s residential communities for several years and can create timely and effective solutions to all your pest control issues. Contact Wildwoods today if you are experiencing a pest control issue. Visit our Cockroach, Ant, Rodent, and Termite Control pages to learn more about our methods.

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