Protecting Your Home From Winter Wildlife Infestations

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In winter, pests can become even more resolute in their quest to infest. Keeping your home protected from winter infestations will take more than diligent cleaning schedules and an airtight pantry, you may need to employ a few protective measures to keep rodents out of your basements, attics, and crawlspaces and wildlife out of your compost and waste areas.

First things first, give your home an exterior inspection; look for gaps, cracks and any otherwise negligible openings. Seal any of these openings post haste. HVAC seals, vents, and improperly attached grates can all pose problems — deal with these issues quickly and thoroughly to avoid easy entry by smaller pests.

Make sure your compost and waste areas are several feet away from your home. These fragrant wildlife attractors should be far enough away that while they may entice wildlife, that wildlife is not adjacent to any entry points of your house.

Property managers; take careful stock of each of your units as the temperatures begin to dip. An infestation in a single until can quickly advance as pests spread out in an attempt to find cold weather housing.

If you are experiencing an infestation, contact Wildwoods Pest Control immediately. Wildwoods Pest Control can provide prompt, effective solutions to all your pest control issues. Visit our Services page to learn more about how we can keep your home pest free this winter, and all year long.

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